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By: Adam Burrows

This weekend the great team at H2UP SUP hosted their much-anticipated SUP Yoga GÉANT on the shores of Lac de Deux Montagnes. It was a jam-packed day with three SUP yoga classes for 50 people apiece and all three classes were sold out pretty quickly. This day’s been in the works for nearly eight months now and it showed in how smoothly everything came together. The vibe was mellow and the excitement was high all day. 

The biggest smiles of the day were definitely on the faces of the two leading ladies. A huge thanks to the hosts of the event, Julie Duperron and Aurelie Vachon of H2UP for the tremendous undertaking it must have been to create such a great event. Throughout the day these humble ladies kept us all remembering that none of it would have been possible without the great help of all their friends, family, sponsors, vendors and volunteers. The whole team at H2UP are true stand up paddle ambassadors. We're so stoked to have them as part of our ambassador team here at Pulse SUP. Drop in on them if you're ever in the Vaudreuil area and get out there for a paddle. 

Also a big shoutout to our retailer Aerosport for teaming up with H2UP.

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