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If you can ride a snowmobile, you can load a snowmobile on a Marlon deck, it’s that easy!  Although at first site it looks like something that could have been used in the Dukes of Hazard as a prop to launch the General Lee it is actually so simple that you’ll be embarrassed for ever doubting your sled loading abilities. No matter what your experience level or coordination level might be, whether your 13 or 70 a Marlon Deck will make your snowmobile loading and unloading quick and effortless. 

Your machine(s) will give your truck some added traction on the bad weather days and with it being up higher it doesn’t see the debris that it would being towed behind on an open trailer and you can leave it locked down on the deck for the week until your next adventure

As far as a trailer goes you may lose your enclosed storage but no need to drive “White Knuckled” if it starts to snow when your on your journey as well as trying to find places to turn around, park or store though the week. 

They also work for ATV’s, side by sides, golf carts, dirt/street bikes, etc. 

use a truck for everyday uses like construction?  The super track tie down make life quick and simple for strapping plywood, drywall etc. You can keep all your gear underneath the deck, shut the tailgate and lock it down as well.


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